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Teacher’s Feedback and Students’ Uptake in an Intermediate English as a Second Language Classroom at a British University: A Conversation-Analytic Study

This conversational analytic-informed study aims to investigate the role of teacher’s feedback in an English as a Second Language (ESL) classroom. The study draws on multiple excerpts from an extended sequence of an interaction collected at INTO Newcastle University, United Kingdom. The findings demonstrate that explicit feedback is proved to be effective in leading to students’ uptake rather than being seen as not effective (Lyster and Ranta, 1997).

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E-book’s Effect on American CFL Kindergartner’s Vocabulary Gain

This exploratory study examined the impact of the story book format (print book vs. e-book), on easy and difficult Chinese vocabulary acquisition. Thirty-two five- and six-year-old, typically-developing American kindergarteners from middle Social Economic Status (SES) family were pre-tested in their L1 English receptive vocabulary and L2 Chinese vocabulary knowledge to investigate which factor would predict their L2 vocabulary learning outcome in the Target Vocabulary Test (TVT).

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