Paul Lin


Paul Lin obtained a MSc degree in Applied Linguistics and SLA from Department of Education University of Oxford, where his research interest focused on topics such as the L2-L1 interactions in bilingual minds, multicompetence, literacy development, etc. Before coming to Oxford, Paul studied English Language and Literature at Tongji University Shanghai, and went to University of Kent for a one-year exchange programme. During this period, Paul worked on several research roles and conducted research in discourse analysis, process drama approach to SLA, language assessment, and cultural memory studies. Acting as consultant and researcher for Scholastics Early English (SEE) Programme and research assistant for Centre for English and World Languages (CEWL) at Kent University, Paul had access to language learners from a wide range of age groups and background. Meanwhile, Paul received interdisciplinary training (education, art history, film studies) from the University of Cambridge.

Paul Lin is also a public speaker and experienced moderator for seminars, lectures, and conferences. This was developed from his position at Academic Department Tongji University, during which he organised and moderated more than 30 academic conferences. As a TED speaker, Paul has a special interest in Shakespeare Drama and its role in the cultural exchange between China and the UK.


Shailen Popat


Shailen Popat is an educator, trainer, manager, strategist, researcher and doctoral student, with specialisms in policy, assessment, pedagogy, feedback, leadership, and child development. With over a decade of practitioner and leadership experience, Shailen bring applied knowledge to academia. He currently works as a Research Assistant in the Oxford University Centre for Education Assessment (OUCEA). Shailen is reading for a Doctor of Philosophy degree in which he is examining the interpretation and enactment of the new assessment arrangements in primary schools in Oxford. This project builds upon work that he undertook during his MA Distinction in Educational Innovation at the University of Warwick. Shailen has worked as Diversity Team Leader for Oxfordshire County Council Children and Youth Service; as Senior Practitioner for Warwickshire County Council for the town of Rugby; and as Northamptonshire County Council Youth Service Team Leader for South Northamptonshire. In 2011, he founded a social enterprise called RealiZe Youth Services which formed innovative partnerships with parish, borough, and county councils, the police, schools and community groups to create services for children and young people in areas without services. He is a Prince2 Registered Practitioner well-versed in organising and managing projects in a systematic manner. Shailen also have a large portfolio of organising events, communicating with networks, and marketing services.


Henry Li Xinyuan

Director of Website Management

Henry Li Xinyuan is studying Math and Computer Science at Worcester College, University of Oxford. One of his favorite pastimes concerns reading extensively on subjects not necessarily related to his current study focus. Henry has every reason to believe that this was integral in making him who he is today, and that it could have a very similar effect on others: those still looking around for a field of interest would certainly benefit from taking a glimpse at the cutting edge of as many fields of research as possible, whereas those who already have a subject in mind would definitely be well served having a grasp of the direction people are taking. After all, we probably all have our inner Marie Curie or Demis Hassabis, just waiting for us to find out.