Oxford Educational Cloud

Oxford Educational Cloud is an open-access multimedia academic platform that encourages students and early researchers to share their research and receive feedback, together with develop the skills of providing feedback to others. It connects different disciplines within education to discuss issues through a variety of perspectives. Oxford Educational Cloud uses digital technologies to improve the academic experience of students and early career researchers by providing them with an environment that is collaborative and input-rich. It embodies the spirit of the Digital Education Strategy of Oxford University and actively engages with Open Access Oxford to promote the belief that the benefits of research should be disseminated with the widest possible audience.

The Vision of Oxford Educational Cloud

Rather than focusing upon one aspect of education, we are viewing the field of education as an umbrella, and thus wish to bring the multiple aspects of education together to explore a particular theme. Secondly, we wish to bring together researchers, students and practitioners around the world to read and discuss the same themes, and thus offer varied insights through their own individual lenses. Rather than normative themes, we will focus upon real world issues, thus encouraging participants to consider how knowledge can be applied to solve problems.

Key Features of Educational Cloud

  1. Paper Plus Video. The core of OEC is an open-access multimedia journal that allows research benefits to reach the widest possible audience in an easily understandable manner. The short video abstract allows authors to explain their papers directly to the audience aiding clarity and making reading papers much more fun.

  2. Interactive Comments. In each section of OEC, the audience are given opportunities to interact with the authors directly by leaving comments which not only provides a chance to ask questions, but also offers the authors an opportunity to receive feedback from a wide range of sources.

  3. Facilitating Collaboration. With each participant creating a personalized profile, OEC is an excellent networking platform where people interested in particular topics can connect with each other and explore possible collaborations.

  4. Talk to Leaders. In the interview section of OEC, we discuss issues with experts that have been proposed by members.

  5. Events Hub. At OEC, members can create their own events and promote them within the OEC community.

  6. Online and Offline. In addition to the online platform, OEC will hold offline conferences in different topics at different universities and regions, with the aim of deeper exploration of issues in local contexts.