Connecting the Classroom Project 2: Indonesia, deforestation and sustainable development

Introduction The aim of the ‘Connecting the Classroom’ student activity is to facilitate learning and a cross-cultural appreciation of a number of international development related topics between a group of students at the Department of Social Sciences, Oxford Brookes University (UK), and the Department of International Relations, Universitas Indonesia (Indonesia).  Students participating in this activity have the opportunity to learn from one another as they share, review and comment on the other group’s perspective of the topic. By engaging students from different parts of the world in this way, both sets of students will develop a deeper understanding of the culturally specific and situated nature of our own knowledge that informs our understanding of international issues and topics. Interactions between both sets of students are moderated by the link tutors, Dr Rory Padfield at Oxford Brookes University and Dr Shofwan al-banna Choiruzzad at Universitas Indonesia. This teaching and learning activity has been incorporated as part of a British Academy International Partnership and Mobility scheme project. The principal investigator is Dr Adam Tyson (Leeds University) and co-investigator is Dr Helena Varkkey (University Malaya). Project 2: Indonesia, deforestation and sustainable development Indonesia has one of the largest areas of remaining tropical forest in Southeast Asia yet has been subject to considerable deforestation in the past years. The main cause of deforestation is agricultural development, including timber, paper and pulp, and palm... Read More

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